Flying Colours International

Flying Colours International (FCI) is a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of flags and banners.

Nations, businesses, events and agencies have long recognized the benefits of using flags and banners to promote identity, create awareness and deliver excitement. Flying Colours International has spent over 90 years in the excitement business, helping our clients across the globe Capture the World's Attention!

As one of the largest flag and banner manufacturers in the world, FCI has produced flags, banners and graphics for clients small and large, all with the same commitment to quality, service and innovation that is uniquely FCI.

FCI has been the supplier of choice to numerous Olympic Games, world events, agencies and the Government of Canada.

FCI has built its business through successful, innovative and proactive relationships with our distributors around the world. From flag dealers, advertising specialty distributors and advertising agencies to event planners, design firms and sign companies, FCI is the supplier of choice to the trade. Quality and delivery that you can rely on every time.

Flag Etiquette

Learn the protocols for
displaying flags.
Learn to show them
in the right order.
Learn how to manage
them at the end
of their useful life.

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