Our Commitment


Founded in 1910, Flying Colours International (FCI) is a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of flags and banners. Specializing in materials such as nylon, polyester and vinyl, FCI has built a record of over 90 years of excellence.

Our success has been the result of exceptional distributor and client relationships, combined with a strong set of corporate values which govern all of our actions.

Our commitment to you is that you will receive the RIGHT product, at the RIGHT time, at the RIGHT price. Your reputation demand no less and we have built our reputation on this commitment over the past 97 years.

SPIRIT - Our Corporate Values
S - - Service and Solutions
P - - Perserverence
I - - Integrity
R - - Respect
I - - Innovation
T - - Teamwork

Flag Etiquette

Learn the protocols for
displaying flags.
Learn to show them
in the right order.
Learn how to manage
them at the end
of their useful life.

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