The Story Behind the Name


"Flying Colours" evokes success, as in you pass a test "with flying colours." Over the past 97 years, we have passed many.

Established in 1910 as Scythes and Company Limited, the firm was rebranded in 2001 as Flying Colours International to reflect what our business is all about...image and attention. Flying Colours brings together the two primary aspects of visual promotion: colour and motion.

Flying Colours International (Toronto, Canada)...Canada's largest flag and banner manufacturer (

Many others have also used the flying colours moniker to describe their pride, commitment and drive to excel...

Flying Colors Media (Tulsa, Oklahoma)...producers of video and commercials (

Flying Colors...a Jethro Tull resource site (

Flying Colours...a musical band (

Flying Colors Hot Air Balloons...Central Ohio's premier hot air balloon company (

Flying Colors Cancer Support Organization (Memphis, Tennessee)...(

Flying Colors of Minnesota...a strategic idea lab for program development (

Flag Etiquette

Learn the protocols for
displaying flags.
Learn to show them
in the right order.
Learn how to manage
them at the end
of their useful life.

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